Old Quality

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The quality control procedures are taken from the first step of production. Once we get the first lot from spinners, we randomly test cones from the lot to check yarn strength, composition, count, contamination, unevenness, hairiness, twist, ply, lint shedding propensity, abrasiveness, filaments, moisture and whiteness.

Moving to the weaving process, we have an in house mending unit where we check each bolt thoroughly before issuing for processing. We check the thread count, width & weight. Furthermore, we check the fabric before and after processing where defects such as the weaving faults such as cut pick, broken pick, shade variation, hole, knot, spot, stain, pilling, puckering, pleat, skip stitch, open seam, broken stitch, slubs, Barrie Mark, fly contact, oil line, pin hole, missing yarn, thick thin yarn and any other related issues are thoroughly checked to avoid any issues.

During the processing of fabric, we make sure each stage is followed as per the requirement of the customer to get the desired outcome. We make sure no step is skipped out or ignored for cost saving purposes such as the singeing and calendering. Before finishing the fabric, we carry out testing to check if all requirements are met such as the color matching, weight etc otherwise we have the option to amend.

Once the fabric gets finished and processed, we order the packaging accessories as per requirement and send a stitched pre-production sample of the final product and send it to the customer for approval before fabric cutting. An inline inspection is then carried out by an internal team to check all prerequisites are fulfilled at each stage once the fabric is in house.

Then we proceed with the cutting, stitching and grading process where the controls such as hem size, made up size, cropping, boeing, shading, broken thread, thread color matching and many other issues are measured before the final stage of packaging is done. Then the final inspections are performed on AQL levels. We also assure the carton/bale size, quantities, weight and markings before loading and shipping the goods.